Ladies Kickboxing in York

Kickboxing is a brilliant all-over body workout that will improve balance, posture, flexibility and strength whilst reducing stress and cutting weight. There are also great benefits for self-confidence, self-discipline and of course, self-defence.

Just For Kicks classes are for ladies only – and whilst it isn’t a hard-core fighters programme, you can be sure you will be put through your paces and work up a sweat! All the while, classes are taught in an easy-going, fun, safe and social manner so it’s the ideal way for you to become and stay fighting fit.

Classes are led by Julie Ozbek, who is graded to 2nd dan black belt from John Robert Atkin at the Advanced Fighting Cetre and has 15 years kickboxing experince training and teaching at all levels.

What are the benefits?

Get seriously fit – kickboxing can burn up to 800 calories an hour and massively improve cardio-vascular condition

Get toned – kickboxing works just about every muscle in your body and will get you those tight glutes, toned arms and flat stomach

Flexibility – is core to this art and the class will take you through movements that will visibly increase flexibility week on week

Confidence – as the pounds fall off and body tightens you’ll notice a new spring in your step assurance that you know how to handle yourself

Stress Relief – take your daily frustrations out on the pads whilst working up a sweat